Fix 349: A Better Route

In the early 1990's TXDOT began studying the possibility of extending Interstate 27 from Lubbock to Interstate 10. While those studies did not indicate a sufficient amount of traffic to justify build-out I-27, they did project tremendous growth for all three routes; US 87, US 84, and SH 349. In addition, the Department also agreed to build out all three options as four lane divided roadway. Since that time, significant work has occurred on both US 87 and US 84, however, virtually no improvements have been made to SH 349. During that same time, while traffic counts have stayed the same or actually declined on the other 2 routes, traffic counts have increased by nearly 40% on SH 349.

Today, SH 349 remains a "country road" and virtually unchanged despite previous promises.

Click here for our update of TXDOT's Lubbock to I-10 Study

While the members of the Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance understand the tremendous transportation needs of our state and the fiscal restraints. Yet, the current sub-standard condition of the existing roadway, the dramatic increase in traffic, and tremendous safety concerns should make this project a top priority for state officials.

However, without your support, nothing will happen. Our elected officials and state transportation officials need to know that you think this project is important too. Please add your name to our list of supporters for the improvement of SH 349, and take the opportunity to contact your elected officials and let them know you think this project should be a priority for them too!

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